Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Dinner MPKLKM Middle Territory II

Honorary Guest:
With Uniform; Mr. Amir Muzammir Musa, ADC (Training)
White Shirt: Mr. Nursyamsu Rahmat Zainuddin, ADC (Administration)

Photo session after the meeting..
Watch Out.... Makan baik-baik aaaaa.....

The Last Cannibal

On 15th July 2009, KLKM MSU has organised dinner with KLKM partner in our territory.

We had invited KLKM Unisel and KLKM PSA to join our dinner. Unfortunately,due to several problems, KLKM PSA is the only partner who managed to send the representative to the dinner.

A dinner held at MSU/PTPL College Mock Kitchen which being managed by Culinary Art Student. Interestingly, the Chef for our food is our Kelanasiswa Assistant Commissioner, Chef Amir Muzammir.

After a long dinner, we had a small discussion upon the programme “Kembara Pelestarian Pengakap” which will be held on 31 July & 1 August 2009. This programme will involve most Rover Scouts around Selangor, secondary school Scout and KLKM Middle Territory.

This is the first programme of MPKLKM Middle Territory II.

Thank you for both girl from KLKM PSA for spending some times for this event


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